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image  1 iPhone 11 Pro
September 12, 2019

The iPhone 11 Pro is designed to be the ultimate iPhone, because of course, it has to be.

This year, as has been the trend across flagship phones for a few years, the camera upgrades take center stage - and they seem impressive.

But there are some interesting updates to the screen, video and audio specifications, too.

The shiny metal edges curve nicely in your hand, the 5.8-inch screen is interrupted by the now-familiar notch, and the bottom of the phone has two perforated grilles, one of which packs a speaker, while the other is there purely to keep things looking symmetrical.

That said, around the back of the new iPhone 11 Pro, you'll notice a new matte finish and a larger camera bump to help with those snapper upgrades. The matte makes a difference, and we think feels better.

The iPhone 11 Pro release date is Friday 20th September, with pre-orders, live from Friday 13th September.

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