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April 17, 2019

Came here for party brunch. This is not your normal brunch.

It's almost as if you're eating and then all of a sudden it turns into a full blow club. The energy here is really loud and super enjoyable. I would definitely come here if you're trying to have a fun birthday celebration or to just to day drink with your pals.

We had a bunch of mini plates to share which all tasted yummy. Fruit platter, mini pancakes, chicken salad ect. Everything was great! The waiter was fast.

This place you definitely want to dress somewhat nice.

The way they transition from a normal restaurant to a full on club is quite remarkable. The DJ was awesome and everyone there is just trying to party. You walk outside at 5 PM and you feel like the inside is 11 PM. Its awesome! I also recommend the Lavo club in the night time.

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