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April 12, 2022

Sofiane Pamart playing the first live on a grand piano at freezing temperatures under the Northern Lights, in Lapland, Finland for Cercle.

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Cercle Records
Sofiane Pamart - BOREALIS EP:

67° 53' 44.4" N 24° 03' 11.4" E

Sofiane Pamart

Video credits:

Artist: Sofiane Pamart
Venue: Northern Lights, in Lapland, Finland
Produced by Cercle
Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla
Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla
Director of photography: Mathieu Glissant
Cameraman: Mickaël Fidjili
Drone pilots: Anthony Brzeski (pilot) + Brieuc Le Mercier (camera) - Let's Fly Production
FPV drone: Filip Petronijević
Post-production: Mathieu Glissant (Saison Unique Production)
Mix: Paul-Edouard Laurendeau
Sound Mastering: Equus
Production team: Anaïs De Framond, Dan Aufseesser, Armand Prouhèze
Communication: Pol Souchier, Bérénice Saïag & Lola Lebrati
Graphic Design: Anaëlle Rouquette
Technical Manager: Aurélien Moisan
Chief Financial Officer: Andy Cheremond
Label Assistant: Clémence Maillard
Photographer : Jérémie Tridard
BTS: Mickaël Fidjili


Official Partners:
Visit Finland

Special thanks to:
Guillaume Heritier
Alex Drewniak (BC DGTL)
Sergei Shkurov
PIAS/ 88 Touches
Jacques Andre Desbuisson
Elisa Muzio
Camille Ratto
Galerie Joseph


This artistic performance has been recorded live.


00:00 Aurora - Sofiane Pamart
02:14 Borealis - Sofiane Pamart
05:00 Le Caire - Sofiane Pamart
08:00 Solitude - Sofiane Pamart
11:12 Medellin - Sofiane Pamart
15:17 Paris - Sofiane Pamart
19:20 La Havane - Sofiane Pamart
22:19 Séoul - Sofiane Pamart
25:28 Chicago - Sofiane Pamart
29:03 Alba - Sofiane Pamart
32:15 Invisible - Sofiane Pamart
34:33 Ha Long Bay - Sofiane Pamart
36:37 Les Yeux de ma mère - Arno & Sofiane Pamart
39:14 London - Sofiane Pamart
41:25 Sahara - Sofiane Pamart
43:14 Madagascar - Sofiane Pamart
44:57 Sicilia - Sofiane Pamart
47:20 Nara - Sofiane Pamart
50:39 Kittila - Sofiane Pamart
53:55 Medellin - Sofiane Pamart
58:12 La Bohème - Charles Aznavour (Sofiane Pamart version)
01:00:37 Q&A


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