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image  1 Spa Nolinski by La Colline
October 17, 2019

Spa Nolinski by La Colline invites you to experience a moment of serenity in an intimate setting in the heart of Paris, where French elegance meets the cutting-edge .Treatments and products of the Swiss Riviera.

An experience where the four elements unite: the soft whisper of the water, granite flooring, warm wood panelling, flickering candles all collide in a natural source of cosy well-being. On the ceiling, a mirror reflects an endless swimming stroke gliding across an abstract landscape. Luxurious Treatments offer you a sensation of well-being.

After a session with a personal trainer on-site or in the neighbouring Louvre gardens, a sense of deep serenity takes over.

Breathe. Silence… Experience a gentle return to simplicity.

In this new space dedicated to relaxation and serenity, La Colline offers you enchanting experiences that are second to none.
Cutting-edge products – the fruit of extensive research on cellular metabolism – are combined with a sophisticated and authentic atmosphere where an eye for detail is translated into precision of treatment and appreciation for carefully codifed rituals. The treatments include breathing and stretching in alternating phases, as well as relaxing and firming massages allowing the body and mind to revitalise in complete harmony.

The Swiss origins of this unique space are reflected in its atmosphere of discretion and refinement to ensure an unforgettable experience for all visitors.

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